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"Teaching is more than imparting knowledge;

it is inspiring change."  -William Arthurward


Our youngest learners are welcomed into a sensory filled learning environment. Our educators provide a soothing environment that promotes exploration through a variety of sensory objects.

  • 6 weeks-1 year

  • Encourages exploration in Motor Skill Development.

  • Provides age appropriate equipment for safe Sensory Development.

  • Encourages Language development through conversation.

  • Supports the development of Social Skills.

  • Encourages Independence.


In Beginner Pre-K, our students develop a sense of phonemic awareness, letter and number recognition and all about the world around them. Our students also learn through hands-on learning during center time and exploratory play.

  • Whole Group Activity

  • Outdoor Play

  • Art

  • KinderBytes iPad Center

  • Small Group Activites

  • Center Time

  • Story Time

  • Bible Story TIme


Kinder Kollege promotes active participatory learning for our Toddlers. We provide an exciting learning and play environment.

  • Ages 1 & 2

  • Provides manipulatives that encourage cognitive development.

  • Assists in the development of appropriate emotional expressions.

  • Encourages activities that promote kinesthetic development.

  • Develops language skills through song, nursery rhymes, and conversation.

  • Provides growth in technology through our KinderBytes iPad lab.

  • Provides manipulatives for exploration that encourage Problem-Solving Skills.

  • Encourages an appreciation for books.

  • Assists in the development of Independence and social skills.


Our Pre-K 4 Teacher is a Louisiana State Certified Educator.

  • Writing

  • Pre-Reading

  • Pre-Math

  • Pre-Science

  • Social Living

  • Art

  • KinderBytes iPad Lab

  • Dramatic Play

  • Outdoor Activities

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